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Carmen Minor is another amateur we found. We did her first 4 scenes consisting of her first deepthroat, first anal, which was very painful anal sex and her first dirty ass to mouth. Amateur ass to mouth was never more amateur! She then decided to never do deepthroat or anal again. We have many sinnistar cheerleader deepthroat scenes including Kalyn cheerleader and Talia cheerleader along with Mia Lina cheerleader and of course Hailey Young cheerleader. The best cheerleader sex is sinnistar cheerleader deepthroat.

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We caught Jamie Elle when she was starting out and was very much amateur at the time. She wanted very much to be a porn star and tried acting like one. Buck had to give her painful anal, rough deepthroat and dirty a2m to shut her up! Sadistic rough sex at it's best because Jamie Elle screams "too deep" as Buck rams her pretty ass and then she says "yuck" when Buck has her suck dirty atm over and over with rough deepthroat after the rough anal. Teenporn with Jamie Elle.

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Young amateur Jessica Right did her only rough deepthroat for Sinnistar and Jessica was only 18 at the time. Jessica took a throat fucking much like Kalyn Arianna so if you liked Kalyn, you should check out this rough deepthroat with Jessica Right. Some couch throat fucking like the Kalyn scene and it's first time, down the throat action and Jessica tries hard to hold it down but finally cums from the throat many times. Another classic.

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Amateur Sinnistar Lexy and Cindy doing their first amateur deepthroat and this amateur young deepthroat porn video shows Lexy teaching Cindy how to take deepthroat! Cindy also tastes Lexy on Bucks dong going back and forth from Lexy's pretty little pussy. This is Cindy's first time with a girl and her first time trying deepthroat. Lexy is just 19 but knows how to deepthroat but has never done anal. Buck tries a little anal on her and then shoves it right in to Cindy's mouth back and forth. But Lexy only let's Buck do a little anal but promises to come back and do her first anal for Buck.

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Our first scene is called tiny porn because it was with amateur, 90 pound, Anne Howe later to become Melissa Ashley. We did Melissa Ashley's first young anal and it was one of the best painful anal scenes ever done! Such a tiny hole and it took Buck a long time to get in to that ass and start pounding away as Melisa moaned "I can't". Melissa did some great young deepthroat, young anal and dirty a2m making it the best tiny porn.

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Another amateur and she did three scenes. All three with very rough painful anal and all with dirty ass to mouth and this is true dirty atm! Sinnistar Amber Chase takes deepthroat, painful anal and dirty ass to mouth like you've never seen with smudges on her face/true dirty Sanchez! You won't see amateurs like this anywhere else! And she does another scene with Brandy where Brandy does dirty ass to other girls mouth.

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Two amateurs, Amber taking painful anal and Brandy taking dirty ass to other girls mouth from Ambers sore ass. That's dirty ass to mouth or dirty Sanchez for those who aren't familiar. Amateur dirty a2m at it's best! Sucking cock from another girls dirty ass and these are cute amateurs not skanks like you see other places!

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Elle is the hottest amateur you'll ever see and again, you can only see her on Elle is an amateur in Portland and she does a few scenes for us taking painful anal sex and ass to mouth. Elle told Buck she has an agreement with her boyfriend that as long as there is no globs of poop on his cock she will suck it from her ass. In other words, dirty atm is fine with her! We should all be so lucky! Elle is gorgeous and has huge beautiful tits but is nasty taking it hard in the ass and enjoying dirty ATM. Elle does one scene where Shannon performs dirty a2m from Elle's ass during painful anal sex!

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The amateur Kat came to us fresh out of High School and just 18. She wanted to be a "porn star". After rough deepthroat with Buck, it was clear she had the right attitude but Buck didn't think Kat was hot enough. This is young amateur and very rough deepthroat at it's best because Kat tries very hard to keep sucking while she is losing her lunch over and over. She's a real trooper! Another first time/only time 18 year old amateur who is doing her first and her only video and you can easily tell! This is awesome rough deepthroat!

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Katie Kross takes her first painful anal, rough deepthroat and dirty a2m and Katie is a total amateur! One more first time/only time amateur trying anal, for the first time, while doing her first and only video. You get Katie Kross anal and bondage with rough deepthroat along with dirty anal and dirty a2m. Buck even used the dental device on Katie to hold her mouth open wide!

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Stacey Cash is the daughter of Motown legend William "Mickey" Stevenson and goddaughter of fellow Motown legend Smokey Robinson. Ashley Stephenson, began working in the adult film industry in 2001. Choosing the stage name Stacey Cash, she was a much-requested performer for her likeable personality. Stacey died in 2013 from a drug overdose. Stacey's scene here is one of the best painful anal and dirty ass to mouth scenes ever shot! Stacey Cash was an anal amateur and had the tiniest ass ever but she takes Buck hard in her ass as she cries with pain and pleasure! Stacey Cash painful anal is a classic! What we love is to see is a bitch scream and even cry a bit but stay in there and take it all. Some girls never say no. Some girls like Stacey even like it that way. No better painful anal!

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Sara Sinn is an amateur Buck flew in to Vegas and she did some amazing rough deepthroat and painal like it came natural. But the best part was the dirty ass to mouth which made her cringe. She really didn't want to suck it from her ass but Buck knows how to get these amateurs do it every time Just like all the rest who do atm for the first time. Sara is another little amateur who wanted to be a "porn star". This amateur ass to mouth starts with young amateur deepthroat and ends with rough deepthroat and dirty ass to mouth. Sara's first amateur ass to mouth was her first and last, again, like all the rest!

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Another first time/only time amateur you can't find anywhere else and this one is from Columbia and does not speak English. The ass to mouth is when Alba digs her tongue up Bucks ass. Buck tried to fuck Alba's ass but she said no. I think the only no ever said to Buck! She only says "yes, yes" when buck shoves it down her throat in an attempt at deepthroat and when Buck says open the pussy for some good fucking and lick my ass when I get ready to plant my load in your mouth, Alba says "yes, yes". This girl is nasty and likes to lick ass and she has a killer body!

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The best young deepthroat video with amateur Alix who is another young amateur who only shot for sinnistar doing two scenes, one tied with anal and the other rough deepthroat which is one of the great young deepthroat videos done for sinnistar. The tied painful anal scene is unique as Buck films Alix's face as she takes the painful anal while her hands are tied behind her back. Buck also chokes Alix, sits on her face, shoves his fingers down her throat, pinches her tits hard and smothers her. Very sadistic scene for a cute amateur.

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Amber Wild did many scenes for sinnistar and all are anal and all extreme. Most are very painful anal sex and rough deepthroat with dirty atm. Amber also took 16 inches of hard dildo up her ass as she screamed and in one scene she took Buck's member along with a plastic dildo in her ass at the same time. Amber also did a great scene with Hailey Young and Aaliyah Jolie. Amber ate cum that ran from Jolie's ass! Ass to other girls mouth is Ambers specialty and she did ATOGM with Cindy Gomez, Hailey, and several other amateurs.

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Anne is another amateur you can only find on sinnistar but this one is a little different because she's a Milf and she takes amazing pussy fisting by Buck! Buck is up to his wrist and pounding for more! Anne is a trooper but she has to tap out to Bucks fist pounding! But Anne is taking one thing for the first time and that's amateur anal. She takes her first painful anal while doing her first and only video. Anne also does her first and only ass to mouth.

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Carmen came to Buck saying she would do anything but anal. Many say this and it makes Buck smile. So, of course Carmen takes her first deepthroat and anal on video and it's young painful anal and dirty a2m for this fresh amateur. Check out this ass to mouth and the look of disgust on Carmen's face. Sadistic youngporn is what we specialize in and Carmen is yet another first time/only time amateur doing her first rough anal and she hates every second of it but smiles for the camera. Young painful anal and dirty a2m classic!

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One more true amateur you can only find on Sinnistar and a professional dancer in Portland. Gia was her name but she's also called Kamika and she did a few crazy scenes such as her first painful anal which by the look on her face was quite painful, and a dirty ass to mouth that left her face grimacing. Gia asked to stay with Buck in his apartment for a few nights and she did a few crazy dirty atm scenes. But she wouldn't leave and Buck finally told her to get out and she went to her strip club job and got men to come to Bucks apartment and threaten him and when that didn't work she sent the police! The police showed up with 5 detectives with their guns drawn but not because of Gia's lies but because a daughter of one of the cops worked for Buck! They used maximum force and went through Bucks computer and files for 5 hours and found nothing. Crazy bitch for sure but crazy whores like Gia/Kamika make for the best painful anal and dirty ass to mouth. Oh, and the girl with the father cop was Suzie.

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Haley Scott isn't an amateur like most of the girls here but when Buck gets hold of a "pro" he uses them even harder than the amateurs. Buck shoves a huge dildo deep in to Haley's ass until it was clearly painful anal and then takes her roughly with dirty ATM until he cums. Then she stole stuff from Bucks bathroom! Many porn girls are crazy! But the crazy ones tend to take the rough anal and ass to mouth and Haley Scott was no exception. This was not her first rodeo but maybe it was the most painful anal she ever took.

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One more amazing young rough deepthroat scene with Julie Ellis and Buck. We call this rough deepthroat and young porn because Julie was just 18. So Julie Ellis porn is very rare and this amateur deepthroat is even more rare. If you love young amateur deepthroat, check out this Julie Ellis porn. One reason this is so rare is that Julie Ellis died just a month after this scene from a drug overdose.

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Amateur Kaitlynn Kross does many scenes only for sinnistar and this is her first painful anal and rough deepthroat and very reluctant painful anal and ATM! First she doesn't want to do anal but takes the amateur anal which turns quickly to painful anal, and then she definitely doesn't want to take the ass to mouth but Buck gets her to kiss it from her ass and after that Kaitlynn kisses it from her ass and then licks it and soon it's dirty ass to mouth over and over! From girl-next-door to fucking whore! Buck also taught Kaitlynn to deepthroat on video and it was rough for her with much barfing. The anal went a little better but was clearly painful. Once she got through her first ass to mouth she loved it and even started doing ass to other girls mouth. Kaitlynn also did some bondage and a double anal scene and she loved her tits mauled and loved being choked out. Kaitlynn Kross is a perfect amateur and you get to watch her progression as she's taught to take deepthroat, painful anal and dirty ass to mouth.

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This is pregnant KC performing amateur pregnant anal and ass to mouth. If you don't know about Sinnistar pregnant porn than you might want to check it out. Pregnant deepthroat, pregnant anal and pregnant ass to mouth! One of the best is KC amateur pregnant anal, ass to mouth because this pretty and petite young amateur is ready to give birth but still tight and gorgeous while taking Bucks hard long dong in every hole and even ass to mouth! Check out the link and see our Pregnant porn page.

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One of our favorites is Little Lexis who defines the type of young amateur we love to work with. This is youngsex at it's best with young deepthroat, painful anal and dirty a2m with a cute thing who is clearly new to it all. Little Lexis did two painful anal, young deepthroat and dirty a2m scenes. Lexis ran home to mommy because she couldn't take the anal and the rough deepthroat. I think Lexis was OK with the dirty atm.

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We did Liv Wylder before she became a star, when she was just 18 and new to everything. She peed on Bucks cock and then tasted it and she tasted her own ass doing ass to mouth using a toy. Liv tried deepthroat and overall took a hard pounding from Buck. Pretty hot scene for this tiny young amateur as she takes amateur anal and ATM. One of the best Liv Wylder scenes.

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We love the amateur ATOGM because to see a young pretty amateur sucking it from another young amateur's ass a few minutes after they meet, is pretty damn hot! Ass to other girls mouth is called atogm and Marissa says "I don't want to" and Amber says "just do it" and she does! This is the best ass to other girls mouth!

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Misty Haze is another amateur who tried deepthroat with Buck. She did pretty well and took it down her throat a few times. She calls herself Misty Haze and did some other amateur stuff which is mainstream nothing rough. This is Misty's only rough deepthroat scene.

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Moxxie is an amateur from Oregon and she can take a good throat fuck as you will see here. A very rough deepthroat and also very extreme with lots of choking and gagging and of course a cum load to her face from Buck's mean cock.

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One of Sinnistar's first scenes was the Rayanne amateur anal scenes. One with Athena and one with another amateur. They are all amateurs and Rayanne takes a dildo up her ass in both scenes but in the Athena scene she get's it rough from a strap on and then takes atm. Rayanne amateur anal is great amateur anal!

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Roxanne amateur deepthroat is typical of most sinnistar deepthroat scenes. We love amateur deepthroat and this scene is like most of our young deepthroat scenes except that black girls can't deepthroat like white girls! Roxanne has a very hard time and even upchucks a bit and the look on her face is priceless but she never quite deepthroats like most white girls do. But Roxanne is a mess at the end and she takes Bucks cum load. This is a great black girl amateur deepthroat because it's clearly her first attempt and Roxanne looks shell shocked.

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Amateur Sarah tried her first anal so clearly it's amateur anal and it was very painful anal with some dirty ass to mouth. Sarah said no to atm but then finally accepted the inevitable and tasted her own ass over and over. Amateur anal often is painful anal and if you get some dirty ass to mouth too, you have a great teenporn scene. Buck loves feeling her ass rip apart and then seeing amateurs like Sarah cleaning up the mess with her mouth. Amateur anal and ass to mouth at it's best!

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Shannon performs dirty a2m from Elle's ass during painful anal sex or what we call painal. As we say, any ass to mouth is dirty ass to mouth and Shannon does many ass to other girls mouth scenes so that has to be dirty a2m! She does ass to other girls mouth from Latte a couple times and it was a special turn-on for her to suck Buck back and forth from a black girls ass. Imagine sucking it back and forth from another girls ass and this girl you just met 15 minutes earlier! But amateur Shannon loves ass to other girls mouth!

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One more black girl who hates deepthroat. It's Shea young rough deepthroat and this black girl really hates deepthroat but Buck doesn't care and he shoves it down Shea's throat until something cums up and out of her mouth and tears run down her face. Her throat was sore after this young rough deepthroat attempt and I'm sure it's the last time Shea try's deepthroat.

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If you're one of the few who enjoys pregnant sex videos this scene is a must. Our Pregnant Shelly painful anal sex and ass to mouth is the first of several pregnant anal scenes. Shelly is another one and done amateurs but what makes her unique is she did her one scene while she was 9 months pregnant! Just days before her due date she took rough pregnant sex with pregnant deepthroat, pregnant anal and pregnant ass to mouth. And Shelly is very attractive and thin except for her huge pregnant belly. A pretty amazing pregnant sex video with two cum shots! One on that huge belly and one from the ass to the mouth.

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Sierra takes some hellish rough deepthroat, painful anal sex and amateur ass to mouth which according to Sierra was dirty ass to mouth because Sierra kept saying "gross!" and wrinkling her nose. Amateur dirty ass to mouth is hot, along with deepthroat and rough anal but the dirty atm is the best part.

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Amateur Simone takes the most painful anal you'll ever see and at first she says no thanks to the ass to mouth but then relents to clearly dirty ass to mouth and ass to pussy after many tries from Buck. The best painful anal and dirty ass to mouth you will ever see!

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Another beautiful and innocent amateur model taking rough amateur deepthroat. Summer tried deepthroat for the first time and we shot it, making this the best kind of rough amateur deepthroat. This is an amateur deepthroat attempt because she couldn't quite get it down her throat, though she tried and she did barf a little which shows she's a good girl. The best attempt at rough amateur deepthroat by an amazing looking girl you can't find anywhere else with the tightest little body and nice tits!

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Suzie young amateur deepthroat is a wild scene where this 18 year old cutie takes her first deepthroat and it makes her sick and she finally barfs but keeps on giving deepthroat. Another first time and only time young amateur who takes deepthroat from Buck for the very first time. This Suzie young amateur deepthroat is one of the best and her cop father raided Buck's apartment because he saw his daughter choking on cock and sucking cock from another girls ass online!

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Tia Ling amateur anal and dirty a2m is a threesome scene where Tia Ling takes hard deepthroat, rough anal and ass to mouth and at the end of the scene the camera girl does ass to other girls mouth from Tia Lings ass, back and forth! Amateur anal and dirty a2m at it's best with two guys and two girls.

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5 pretty young amateurs you can't find anywhere else and they're in sex-education and two girls fail and have to stay after class for some hands on training in painful anal and dirty ass to mouth. Both girls get an A+ for some of the hottest young painful anal and dirty ass to other girls mouth you'll ever see anywhere. Shannon loves ass to other girls mouth from any girl but especially from this tiny black girl but the black girl, Latte, doesn't like tasting her own ass and doesn't like the painful anal in this teenporn video.

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