Stacey Cash/Ashley Stephenson painful anal, dirty ass to mouth!


Stacey Cash/Ashley Stephenson painful anal and dirty atm

stacey cash painful anal
stacey cash painful anal sex

Stacey Cash/Ashley Stephenson painful anal

Sinnistar's Stacey Cash painful anal scene is another classic given Stacey did her first and only anal and it was a very painful anal with ass to mouth. The daughter of Motown legend William "Mickey" Stevenson and goddaughter of fellow Motown legend Smokey Robinson, Ashley Stephenson began working in the adult film industry using the stage name Stacey Cash. Unfortunately Stacey Cash died due to a drug overdose. Stacey's scene for sinnistar is her only deepthroat, anal and ass to mouth but the deepthroat and ass to mouth was the least of Stacey's concerns because her ass was so small the anal was extremely painful. The look on her face says it all and Buck tried to get a butt plug in her ass and then just getting the plug out was very painful for Stacey. That tiny ass could not take all of Buck but Buck tried and tried and though Stacey is a trooper and loves the idea of getting amateur anal, she could not take the pain and the look on her face shows it.

Ashley Stephenson aka Stacey Cash

Ashley Stephenson as Stacey Cash took her only painful anal sex but also ass to mouth but because any ass to mouth is dirty ass to mouth, we call it dirty atm. Stacey was more than happy to go ass to mouth because it gave her ass a break from the pounding Buck was giving that little thing. This is rough anal with a very amateur ass and of course first time Ashley Stevenson ass to mouth.

Stacey Cash anal

Stacey Cash anal is her only anal scene and had Buck known she was Ashley Stephenson, the daughter of a Motown legend and goddaughter to Smokey Robinson, he may have taken it easy on that virgin ass. Then again, maybe not. Stacey Cash anal is a must see for painal lovers.

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