Gia/Kamika painful anal and dirty atm!


Gia/Kamika painful anal and dirty atm


Amateur Gia/Kamika painful anal

We called her Gia and then later called her Kamika. This amateur Gia/Kamika scene is the best of the many scenes she did for sinnistar. painful anal and dirty ass to mouth as you can see her grimace before taking Buck in to her mouth straight from her nasty ass. But it all starts with the awesome painful anal as Gia or Kamika shows the pain of her very first anal.

Gia/Kamika dirty atm

Gia/Kamika dirty atm was easier than the anal because it was very painful anal and she was just relieved to have that first time anal pain stop if only for a short time. Gia hated the dirty atm slightly less than the painful anal. But she's a trooper! The look on her face as she first tried the dirty ass to mouth is priceless.

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