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Most have seen a Keeani Lei scene but few have seen this Keeani Lei painful anal scene done by us. Buck put young Keeani through her biggest test as he rammed her ass and then shoved two fingers up her ass along with his member. You might call this triple penetration but what Keeani Lei called it is painful anal!

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So this Keeani Lei ass to mouth starts out with rough anal with a large hard penis along with many fingers prying open her tiny ass. The ass to mouth came from fingers and Bucks member and there is a lot of ass to mouth and any atm is dirty atm especially when it's done over and over and it's rough anal to mouth. Buck rips apart that tiny little ass hole and tells her to smile as he creates some great painal for this young lady. Painal or painful anal is what it's called along with ass to pussy and ass to mouth.

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